You’ve decided to study abroad, and now?

You’ve decided to study abroad, and now? The Study Away prepared a guide to the first five steps for you to begin preparing

Improve fluency in the language, choose which universities to apply, inquire about the admissions process, do a good study plan … the steps are many! Learn here how to prioritize actions to begin preparing for Study Away:


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1 Improve your fluency in the language: The language of the country in which you intend to study must be out of the north for your preparation. If you are not yet fluent in it, one of the first steps is to enhance their studies and practice in talks. This is because the admissions process is all this language; most universities requires proficiency tests in language as part of the admissions process and lastly, if you are approved, all your classes (and life in general) will be in this language.

But if you are not fluent, do not despair. Many students who passed in excellent universities abroad were not fluent English when they began to prepare. With dedication they trained and managed to get there. Meet some stories HERE.

2 Think about your expectations for your course abroad: When you think of your graduation, what are the goals that you dream to achieve from this experience? This is a question you can ask yourself to better understand what are your expectations for graduation. “If you take the decision to go overseas to study, you have to know very well what you want, otherwise you risk to get there, be disappointed, and not having the best experience I could have had,” explains Adriana Sorrenti, the British Council.

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3 Research and choose where you want to study: Understanding what the different institutions have to offer are super important on your way to Study Away. Why? The process of admission to a college is out more complex, have different stages (forms, essays, interviews, analysis of curriculum) and requires you to devote much time and attention to each university in particular. “Students need to understand what to expect from the universities, which asks each in their admissions process and what they have to offer. Crossing these factors, it will come to a good list of universities and can prepare a more focused way in the process, “says Laila Parada-Worby, coordinator Prep Program.>

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4 Understand how the admission process works abroad and what is valued by universities: Unlike the Brazilian entrance exam, the admission process in universities is made ​​out of more holistically, valuing the student profile along with their academic performance. According Lucerito Ortiz, admissions officer at Harvard, the academic performance of the candidate, their participation in extracurricular activities and personal qualities are most valued three points in the process. “We are interested not only in what you want to do or study, but who you will be in our school,” he says. She also reveals that there is a certain formula to ensure university entrance, the main thing is to be authentic.

Understand the process and what is assessed will help you go to the next point, which is to question how prepared you are, where you need to improve and what to do to become a more attractive candidate.

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5. Make a self-analysis and create a preparedness plan: Once you understand their expectations, which universities fit them and how the admission process works in each, the next step is preparing to apply. For this, make a self-analysis and define what their weaknesses. Consider how you can improve on these points and make a plan of preparation, putting on paper what you need to improve, what goals you want to achieve, what actions should do to achieve them, the schedule of these actions and ways to measure your progress.>

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